Life is like a…

…game of Poker

Kalo versinya Forrest Gump, di bilang "life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’ll find.." gitu deh kira-kira. Atau mungkin pernah lihat film yang judulnya "Chocolate" ?

Buat gw sih boleh aja, cuma gw lebih ngeliat kalo Life is like a Poker Game.

You have been given. You won’t know what cards you will get, but you have to take it. Thank for it, think of it. Make a stand. Keep or change the cards. Seized the opportunity, and yet you have to make a choice..decision.. to win and survive. Not to mention we have to act, bluff, and play hard, ready for the worst". That’s why juga kali ya kenapa dibilang; Hidup adalah sebuah perjalanan (baca: game). It’s beyond dari sebuah Chocolate.


Well.. gitu deh kira-kira. Hidup, Kerja, Orang Tua, Cinta, Harta, Penyakit, Teman, dan sebagainya.. just like a game of Poker



*udah lama gak maen Tuti lagi*


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Gemini, Horse-Night-Earth, Six Feet, Third of Three, Mellow-Sanguin, Javanese, Kusuma, Believer, Thinker, Explorer, the Performer, expect a lot of Liberty, Extremely Independent and Confident, very Quick-Witted, Inquisitive and Determined, have an Honesty and genuine Warmth, Friendly, sincerely interested in Thoughts and Feelings, Impulsive, Brimming with New Ideas, Persuasive, Supportive, Charming, Suave person to a member of the opposite sex

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