Dewa-Dewi, Matahari, Rembulan

*sebuah lirik*

Bila aku jatuh cinta
Aku mendengar nanyian
Seribu dewa dewi cinta
Menggema dunia
Bila aku jatuh cinta
Aku melihat matahari
dan datang padaku dan
memelukku dengan sayang
Bila aku jatuh cinta
aku melihat sang bulan
kan datang padaku dan menemani aku
melewati dinginnya mimpi
*bila aku jatuh cinta*


Published by


Gemini, Horse-Night-Earth, Six Feet, Third of Three, Mellow-Sanguin, Javanese, Kusuma, Believer, Thinker, Explorer, the Performer, expect a lot of Liberty, Extremely Independent and Confident, very Quick-Witted, Inquisitive and Determined, have an Honesty and genuine Warmth, Friendly, sincerely interested in Thoughts and Feelings, Impulsive, Brimming with New Ideas, Persuasive, Supportive, Charming, Suave person to a member of the opposite sex

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