Pumpkin Electra – She’s My Aero Plane

*a Show That Airlines Shouldn’t Played*

Pernah denger gak, kalo lagi dalam perjalanan naik pesawat pasti selama perjalanan sang kabin crew akan selalu berusaha berkomunikasi dengan kita, baik dari mulai take off, di tengah jalan *ini tugas pilot yang paling gak penting*, sampe mau landing..*kalo diluar negeri, naik kereta, kapal, bahkan bus malam pun pasti juga*

Nah, kalo gw punya Airlines, pasti penumpang akan gw buat excited selama perjalanan mereka, dengan melatih Pilot untuk menyapa penumpang yang misalnya terbang dari Jakarta City ke Sun City, dengan cara menyapa:



"Good afternoon ladies n gentlemen. Thank you for your trust to fly with us. This is your Captain speaking from the flight deck. My name is Captain Michael Leverdure and sitting on my right is your co-pilot, Mr. John Doe. I’m glad to inform you that we are now flying above the sea of Love. The temperature outside is 42 degree, the wind speed is normal, and now we are flying 8000 meters above sea level. On the Jump Seat, Kamal Mustofa, your Chief Engineer had informed me that we have no problem with the air craft. The fuel condition is adequate for next 1 hour flight. On your left is God Island, famous with the Statue of Angels, which is built in 2006 in remembering the Adamus Air tragedy. We will be arrive at Sun City in 50 minutes. Miss Craby Patty, your Traffic Officer, had just contacted Sun tower and we are glad to inform you that the weather in Sun City is clear with less unpredictable clouds. For your own safety we recommend you to keep your seat belt on. In order to make you more comfortable and relax, within next 30 minutes we would like to entertain you with one of our favorite show from National Geographic Channel Series, an Air Crash Investigation. We do hope that you can enjoy your flight. Thank you for flying with us, and have a good time !"



*seluruh ilustrasi tersebut adalah isapan jempol belaka. apabila ada kesamaan nama, gambar, tempat, waktu, dan kejadian adalah kebetulan belaka*

Dedicated to Pumpkin Electra, she’s my aero plane who can fly me from surface, without knowing it 🙂


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Gemini, Horse-Night-Earth, Six Feet, Third of Three, Mellow-Sanguin, Javanese, Kusuma, Believer, Thinker, Explorer, the Performer, expect a lot of Liberty, Extremely Independent and Confident, very Quick-Witted, Inquisitive and Determined, have an Honesty and genuine Warmth, Friendly, sincerely interested in Thoughts and Feelings, Impulsive, Brimming with New Ideas, Persuasive, Supportive, Charming, Suave person to a member of the opposite sex

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