The Number 29

*did you know : 29 is a Prime Number*

The Chemical Element Copper has an atomic number of 29

The Human skull is made-up of 29 bones

The alphabet of the Phoenicians had 29 cuneiform signs

29 years ago The King died and rock ‘n’ roll turned into a republic, Elvis Presley

Bones have been found in Africa dating to 37,000 years ago with 29 orderly notches on them. This number most probably represents the number of days in a moon cycle, a readily observable occurrence

The Norwegian alphabet contains 29 letters

29, the number of suras in the Qur’an that begin with muqatta’at

Jesus Christ baptized by John the Baptist in 29 AD

None of all the 29 Books in the New Testament has 29th Chapter*

29,the number of days February has in leap years


*Deuteronomy 29:29, The secret things belong to the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong to us, and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law*


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3 thoughts on “The Number 29”

  1. hmm.. ternyata u are such a very creative person ya, especially in wordings. Cepet banget dapet koleksi 29-nya (jangan2 dinding n tangan loe udah penuh..??) =))
    But what impressed me most is your last 29 list. Gue inget loe bilang June 1st istimewa krn 1, hari pertama loe bekerja di tempat yang sudah loe putuskan dengan ‘berani’, tapi yang kedua, gue inget banget hari loe dibabtis which is for me is very extraordinary since gue sendiri yg sering sabtu minggu abes di gereja ga inget tgl itu lho! Buat gue itu kontradiksi menarik tentang loe “hiphip hura man” vs “deep interest in kind a religius thing??”

    Well, when i trapped in office n trying to get over my bad mood, i found a simple pleasure in travelling ur fs stories ;p

    Once again, Happy birthday! *menanti penuh harap ur birthday treat ;p* heuheuehu…

  2. niat banget sih loe dim… gw aja yang lebih dulu 29… nggak ngumpulin deeeh… bravoo..bravoo!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YA BOS… jgn ribet2 meluluuuu yaaa

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