From The Start

*the sacred romance*


If I would have known from the start what you felt inside

By giving you a little chance to explain

Trying to understand what your love can do to me

Never thought it could have been this way

No, no, no.. it’s not so easy trusting you with my heart

Can you be the one make my dreams come true

From the start you’ve been an angel to my life,

You’ve been my closest friend

Someone I can hold, I can trust, Never let me be alone

Love n cry, you there beside me

I have found myself in your loving care

Now it’s hard to believe.. How love can be so strong


Published by


Gemini, Horse-Night-Earth, Six Feet, Third of Three, Mellow-Sanguin, Javanese, Kusuma, Believer, Thinker, Explorer, the Performer, expect a lot of Liberty, Extremely Independent and Confident, very Quick-Witted, Inquisitive and Determined, have an Honesty and genuine Warmth, Friendly, sincerely interested in Thoughts and Feelings, Impulsive, Brimming with New Ideas, Persuasive, Supportive, Charming, Suave person to a member of the opposite sex

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